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Magic Man!

Hello, my name is You-Young, and I use this webpage as my profile for the research lab.


I am a Research Scientist with Master's degree in Electrical & Computer engineering, working at Georgia Tech Research Institute.

As a research scientist, I have been working on algorithm development for DSP and FPGA applications, deep learning research in cybersecurity domain, and various software development projects including HLS targetting HDL.

During my college years in Georgia Tech, the primary concentration of my study was DSP - I researched in the topic of Speech & Sound Signal Processing and developed cutomized Machine Learning algorithms in order to detect the desired channels of signal(s) from the source.

As I have found my career passion in the field of research and applications of ML, I am currently pursuing my 2nd MS degree in Computer Science and working in Sharc Lab ( under my supervisor Dr. Callie Hao, and we are currently working on solving computer architecture optimization & routing problems using GNN & Reinforcement Learning.


Master of Science in Computer Science, Specialized in Machine Learning

Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, GA

Years: August 2020 – Current

GPA: 4.00

Research Topic: Joint Area of ML & Computing Technology

BS & MS Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Specialized in DSP

Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, GA

Years: 2015 – 2018


Will be updated after the conference..

Future Goals

Not even sure what will I do tomorrow